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Clients Include: Activision, Electronic Arts, Viacom, Lightstorm Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Sierra, Vivendi Universal, Ocean Pacific, Radical Entertainment, Emerald City Games, Darkhorse Comics, White Wolf Games, Steve Jackson Games, Hothead Games, PlayFirst, Green Ronin and more.


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Nerd Culture: Respecting What Others Enjoy


When I was a kid, being a nerd (and boy, was I ever a nerd) was about loving a lot of different weird stuff.

That’s it. You just went out there and loved stuff. The concept of nerd culture wasn’t formed enough “a thing” to do anything else. 

You’d find things — in the back of book stores, in the bargain bin at K-Mart, in the musty halls of the Compleat Strategist on 33rd (yes, that’s how you spell it). Things no one else knew about. 

Finding such things was like capturing some special kind of wildlife. Something you’d bring back in a box and take care of and study and take notes on. If you met like-minded people, you’d bring it out, you’d show it to them. Sometimes you’d even lend it to them.  

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THE SENSE OF THE SLEIGHT OF HAND MAN continues, struggling towards Bethlehem to be born. The writing is done. Shane is madly laying it all out. I am madly illustrating the last bits. MADNESS.

It’s grown and grown. It was supposed to be ~128 pages, and now it looks more like 200+ pages when all is said and done. I’m super excited to share it all with you. So, please spread the word to people you know. Download the first 88 pages for free below!


For those who missed out on the Kickstarter, a print version will be available for general purchase post-launch, once all the contributors have received their copies. 

Keeper’s Korner - Running Masks of Nyarlathotep


I’ve run the legendary MASKS OF NYARLATHOTEP four times (and been in it twice!), but in a real sense, you only get one real shot at  it. 

It is the holy grail of horror, and in my opinion the best, most frightening, atmospheric, awesomely realized campaign for any game. I could sit and read it again, and again, and still find something new each time.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from running the campaign.


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James Wallis’ ALAS VEGAS Kickstarter


James Wallis is just one of those guys, you know? He creates great stuff. I was lucky enough to help him out a couple of times (I created the cover to De Profundis, the excellent Lovecraftian letter writing game).

I have a deep love for The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, his over the top storytelling game. 

Now, he’s back with Alas Vegas.

"Ocean’s Eleven directed by David Lynch. Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas by way of Dante’s Inferno." 


Anyway, he tells it best. It’s already over its Kickstarter goal. Go over to the site, pitch in, and suggest some stretch goals. 

Delta Green: Understanding and Madness

The horror of Lovecraft presents a fascinating concept: the unknowable. None of the horrors in Lovecraft can sit comfortably in man’s tiny consciousness, and those that enter smash about, drawing blood, destroying sanity, leaving behind either a shattered wreck, a gibbering madman, or a corpse.

Players — especially players used to other game styles — enter Delta Green eager to solve a mystery, to kill a villain, to destroy a monster; but it’s not that simple. Sometimes, even seeing the main threat of the game is enough to destroy the group of players utterly.  

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Sense Update

For those paying attention THE SENSE OF THE SLEIGHT OF HAND MAN, my new campaign for H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands has filled its Kickstarter to the tune of $14,494. This is a great big thank you to my fans — a love letter if you will. I do love you guys. I’m feverishly toiling away on the book. Both in art and writing. Here are some slight updates.

Those of you who have pledged $75 or more should have received an email to the BEHIND THE SCENES blog which is updated every Sunday. (It’s password protected, and if you didn’t get your password in the mail, drop me a line). And now, the roughest question: no, there is no way to get in on the PDF or the book, the Kickstarter is closed. Sorry. 

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